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is what we do. We are not a technology company. We are a learning company. We believe that the focus of all our work should be on improving instruction by leveraging 21st century tools. From technology rich classrooms to tablets in the hands of all students we start with the instructional need and not the tool.

Floyd Braid (CEO)


Professional Development Programs

All of our training programs are project based, hands on exploratory sessions. You won\'t find any sit-and-get here. We believe that change, comes through experiencing change with ongoing support. We focus on innovative instruction where technology is sometimes the best and most appropriate tool.  

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Digital Coaching Training Program

Building capacity in a technology rich school or district is far more complicated than buying hardware & software. Most of the success is tied to facilitating teachers as they leverage the new tools and instructional concepts into their day to day classroom instruction. This doesn\'t happen overnight or with a few after school vendor training sessions. We know it comes only with a ongoing, comprehensive, sustainable coaching program.

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1-2-1 Classroom Training

Whether it is a laptop, tablet, slate or iPad the i3
1 to 1 Training Program provides a comprehensive framework for schools & districts to manage the small and large implementation of 1 to 1 computing environment. We don\'t believe in the "One size fits all" mentality so we developed a comprehensive framework and training program that can support all possible implementations.

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i3 Offers:

    • 1Highly Acclaimed Professional Development Programs
    • 2Innovative Training Development Formula
    • 3Professional Development Systems Consulting
    • 4Pacing Guide, Assessment & Student Response System Integration
    • 5Designing, Developing & Deploying Instructional Resources & Assessments
    • 6Interactive White Board Classroom Integration & Resource Development
    • 7Educational Project Management
    • 8LMS Development & Training
      (Moodle & Blackboard)
    • 9Customized Training Development & Delivery